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China's medical equipment industry will usher in a golden opportunity for development

Date:2013-3-25 19:44

In recent years, the medical and health service in China is developing rapidly, the public medical facilities in the continuous improvement, it is because of this, and is closely related to the health of the medical device industry also is in the development trend of rising. In the National Medical Association, deputy director of China's food and Drug Administration said, the current health care reform make our country medical equipment industry is facing enormous development challenges.

According to some experts predict, China medical device market potential is not fully exploited, there are many investment opportunities for businesses to find. According to the latest market statistics, the per capita allocation of China's medical device industry is only $5, but the United States per capita allocations of up to $309, which proved that China's medical equipment product requirements are not up to international standards. However, according to the survey report shows that medical committee, medical apparatus and instruments in China sales rose 21%, and is expected to maintain a higher growth rate, it is necessary to continue to intensify the development of medical device industry business.

Another is the country constantly issued various policies to support and encourage the medical device industry, since the reform policy of our country issued policy, all levels of hospitals and medical institutions for medical device products procurement and increase significantly, especially the grassroots public medical and health institutions to purchase medical equipment, and is also equipped with medical equipment and medical supplies of the corresponding. As the pace of development, China's medical device industry market demand will continue to expand.

In recognition of China's medical device industry achievement at the same time, also should see China's medical equipment industry is facing difficulties, from the geographical area, the spatial distribution of China's medical equipment demand is uneven, some remote areas of the medical device is difficult to popularize. Therefore, Chinese health policy to make some adjustments to these areas and encourage, just near stage is our country vigorously carry out the good opportunity of industrial upgrading, be of great advantage to the development of medical device industry.

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