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The aging of the population to promote the development of domestic medical industry

Date:2013-3-25 19:42


China is facing a rapidly aging countries, pension issues will be a major social problem facing china. While the aging population increase, as the pension service also brought development opportunity, pension service includes a plurality of industry, for example, medical, health care, nursing homes, tourism and leisure etc.. The development of medical, medical device industry driven by the aging population to a certain extent. Home medical equipment market in the face of mainly elderly people, the user also is mainly the elderly. Older people, chronic diseases, many will come, some diseases need drug treatment, and to assist the better treatment often effect by medical, since the medical instruments with health care and the role of treatment of disease, no side effects. It is because this is a lot of elderly people to buy the home medical equipment products, such as health care, treatment of bone disease, treatment of blood glucose, blood pressure, massage medical devices, many species in the market. The elderly as long as symptomatic purchase, will undoubtedly positive effect on the treatment of health and disease to use correctly.

In China, specializing in the pension services company has a lot of, for example, medical, glory medical etc.. These pension Service Corporation for the elderly to provide a thoughtful health services, and the pension specialization will also is a kind of development trend.

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