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  • Products Name: Disposable Asepsis Central Venous Catheter Package
  • Products No.: 009
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Specifications single cavity, double cavity, cavity



Composition and disposable central venous catheter kit includes a central venous catheter, guidewire, expansion tube, needle, mobile and clamp, heparin cap and optional configuration device of disposable sterile syringe, medical rubber gloves, disposable sterile syringe needle, broken needle, the suture with needle, hole towel, iodophor, tweezers, gauze, short handle operation knife, single, thin film product performance structure. Divided into single, double or multi cavity cavity. Ethylene oxide sterilization.


The scope of products into the central venous system, continuous or intermittent intravenous infusion, transfusion of blood or blood products, blood samples were collected, monitoring the central venous pressure and / or parenteral nutrition (except for children and pregnant women).